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The North American NebulaThe Elephant Trunk nebulaThe Fireworks GalaxyM13 The Great Hercules ClusterOrion Core, One of the brightest nebula in our galaxy. 1400 light years awayThe Pleiades, The Seven Sisters star cluster is 430 light years away. The star cluster is moving through interstellar dust. The dust reflects the blue light.Andromeda Galaxy is our nearest neighborhood galaxy 2.5 million light years awayThe Witch Head Nebula. Bright Nebula in Eridanus. 900 light years away. Intra-stellar dust illuminated by Rigel. The dust is better at reflecting blue.The Rosette Nebula is a bright Nebula in Monoceros. 5,500 light years away.The Veil Nebula is a supernova remnant in the constellation Cygnus. It is 1900 light years away and 100 light years across.The Pelican Nebula is an HII emission nebula adjacent to the North America Nebula (upper left corner). It lies in the constellation Cygnus. It is 1800 light years away.NGC 6910 Open Cluster in Cygnus and the Sadr regionMarkarian's Chain in VirgoM 101 Pinwheel GalaxyIC 2177 Seagull NebulaM45 The PleiadesNGC 1499 The California NebulaNCG 2264 The Cone NebulaIC 405 The Flaming Star NebulaSaturn October 2020